One Side Durable Aluminum
1 cm Thickness
Lightweight Material
1400W,100 bar,330 lt/hour water dispense
5 meters hose
Built-in soap tank
80 kg carrying capacity
Covered with anti-static dye
4 persons
Chair material PP
Body materia Aluminyum
Size 7, 620gr
Official size and weight
Size 5, 420gr
Official size and weight
32 panel
18 panels, 270gr
Official size and weight
Machine stitched
370 W,12000 RPM
130 cm –handle
Cutting by filament
130 cm - handle
2 types of blade
Dbk chain and cutter
Antivibration function
Chain brake
Engine Type: two-stroke
Displacement 51.7 CC
Engine Power 1.6 kW (2.1 BG)
One cylinder, 4 times, gasoline
5.5 HP - Tiller width: 60 cm
Pup tent
Easy installation
With carrying sheath
7 Different function water flow spray gun
Min. Size ~ 5 Meter
Max. Size ~ 15 Meter