Matte Finish
Smaller Items Section
Lightweight Material
Shower Curtain double with 16 ring
120 x 200 cm size of each wing
Capacity: 180 kg.
Automatic Shut-off
LCD Display
22,5x18 cm medium size
200 photo capacity
Special designed hard cover
5 Different Configurations
Repair Kit
High quality thick material
Solid vinyl body size 194 x 78 x 25 cm
Single air mattress with soft velours surface
194 x 140 x 25 cm solid vinyl body size
Single air mattress with soft velours surface
High Quality Thick Material
3 Different Sizes
Made of quality wood hangers set of 5 Pieces
Matt varnish coating
Plastic slip
Chrome Design
Screws included
3m total length with handy strap
Laptop computer desk
Cup holders
Robust metal housing
1000W,3 Bar Steam pressure
Steam output: 20-25 gr/min.
Water tank 350 ml.
Rotatable Body
Around 130 cm hose
Ergonomical design
16 + 3 LED light
0,06W / pc
6V 1 AH rechargeable battery
Rechargeable battery
Illuminates 15 hours.
It has 15 LEDs.
Maximum 17 inch
Lamb, cup-holder
Easy-carriable design
3 bar steam pressure
2200 W,0.8 L of water tank
Separate temperature regulators
Double needle function
Pedal Control
48 types of stitch model
Capacity:180kg, 396lb
Auto zero & Auto-off
110x44mm LCD display
3 bar steam pressure
2200 W
0.8 L of water tank
14,50 cm
Water Saving Feature
85 cm
Elephant, rabbit, bear and deer figure door stopper
Weight measuringt capacity is max. 22 kg
Measuring accuracy (+/- 100 gr.)
22 Led light
1000 mA/H rechargeable internal adapter
With remote control
3 bar steam pressure
2200 W
0.6 L of water tank