Anti-slip base
Plastic handle
Extra Knife
Material Plastic
Suitable for cherry and olive
Suction vup
Bullet Design
1 liter capacity
Thermos mug lid
Red, white and black
1000W, Sausage accessory
Kebbe accessory
On/OFF and Reverse button
Cooking, frying and grill.
Cooking by steam and reheating
Capacity of 12 liters.
1400 W
5 levels of temperature regulator
7 levels of heating
Defrost function
2000 W
Water graduter
0.7 L teapot
2000 W
Stainless steel body
1.8 L of water capacity
1500 Watt
18,5 Ø cooking area
Adjustable temperature level
Capacity 1,1 liter
Heat resistent glass teapot
2000 W
Stainless steel kettle
2000 W
Water graduter
2000 W
Stainless steel body
Wide pan
Temperature adjustment valve
With cutting board
With spoons
Capacity 2,5 liter
Stylish design
Wooden and ceramic