Universal Car Tire Adapter
3 Different Adapters
3m. Charger Cable
High pressure piston
Rubber meets the universal title
Three different inflation tip
Suitable for all mobile devices
Widht adjust buton
Fast eject button
Works with 12V car socket
85 W
Extansion hose
2000 kg. capacity
336 mm height
Weight around 9 kg
150 Watt , 85 cm hose
Metal body
Pressure indicator
Works with 12V car socket
150W mini ac-dc
Universal plug
Car organizer is easily put
on the back of car seat
Different sizes
Lifting capability: 2 tons
Height :~181mm-~345mm
Compact and durable
Heat & Cool Function
24 Liter
Operate by car plug
Car steering wheel cover
Hand brake cover
Car shift knob
5 Parts
Size : Front: 75.5x49cm , Rear: 48.5x48.5cm , Middle: 53.5x25cm